Monday, April 19, 2010

The Word wins

This past Friday at a local event we were able to bring the Word to many people. For the first time in a while, I spoke to many Believers who really encouraged us.

One of the first couples I spoke to were very interesting. The lady, recently from Russia was enjoying the Million Dollar Bills and her eyes brightened when I gave her a Russian tract. We find that having tracts in different languages is a real ice-breaker. The fellow with her said he was a Messianic Believer and was Jewish. I explained I was also was a Jewish Believer and we had a great conversation.

A lady with her son came over to take the Good Person test. I started with the son and asked him if he lied or had stolen anything which he admitted to. The mom interjected “he has been forgiven of everything”. I then asked, “When he stood in front of God would he be guilty or innocent?”
He admitted to being guilty and I said God was a just God and would have to send him to either Heaven or Hell and since you said you were guilty – where would you go?
The mom grabbed the boy and said “he has been forgiven and we are leaving” The boy pulled back and wanted to hear the rest of the story….The Word won and he heard the Gospel.

A local assistant pastor at a Presbyterian church came over to encourage us as well. He said something that is so true and most churches – his church does little for evangelism and many in the church don’t stray out of their comfort zone.

All in all a great night with the 6 evangelists and our Pastor coming out as well.

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