Thursday, April 15, 2010

Friday Night at the Street Festival...

We have a monthly street festival here called Friday Fest and it brought out its usual lost people. There were many opportunities for us to witness and preach the Gospel. We had our “Are You a Good Person?” booth set up to invite people to take the Good Person test.

The event starts
around 6P and it’s best to talk to the folks early in the evening. There was the family of Wiccans who avoided us but were polite when declining the Gospel tracts. There were the “Christians” who did not want to take a tract because they were going to Heaven. So when asked if they knew others who were not going to heaven, they walked off in a huff.

There’s a local church that gives out red bracelets with the phrase “Living Dangerously” – they say that this bracelet helps them to identify with Jesus. Many folks I talk to with these bracelets actually tell me that they are going to heaven and hold up their arm with their bracelet. It as if the bracelet is getting them to Heaven. I asked them how they are getting to heaven and get told that they know Jesus or they have accepted Jesus or something other than what Jesus really did on the Cross. My point of this is while talking to a lady and her pre-teen son; she said she was going to Heaven. I asked how and she said she goes to this particular church but forgot her red bracelet tonight. Wow – I thought if one of the bracelet believers died without the bracelet on – where do they go? It’s between them and the Lord if they are truly saved.

I gave a Trillion Dollar bill (we use both millions and trillions now – inflation of course) to a man and the conversation started.

“Here’s a trillion dollars for you”

“What is it?”

“It has a Gospel message on it with the trillion dollar question – will you go to Heaven when you die?”

“I hope so, and I want to ask you something – who told you about the Bible and who tells you what’s in it?”

“God tells me as it is His Word?
A few other questions back and forth and he was pushing to get into an argument about something but not sure where it was going yet.

“My brother committed the ultimate sin and committed suicide and cannot go to Heaven”

“You or I don’t know where he went, that is between him and God and you don’t know what happened between them, even to the end” I knew this was leading to an argument as he was getting louder and into my face a bit more. “You need to be more concerned where you are going when you die. If your brother went to Heaven, then you better be sure you are or you will never see him again, Are you Catholic”

He smiled, and said he was born Catholic and that it is the only church and there is no way I can stand out here and know what the Bible says because you must be told by someone with greater knowledge than me.

My reply, “I have been told with someone greater than me – God through the Holy Spirit”
Off he went and then got stopped by Jennifer…..

Wes and Justin showed with their cross and started to open air preach. It went OK and only a few people getting upset with the Truth. I was led to preach as well.

All in all – several tracts and some Bibles now in the hands of people who need them.
By 9 O’clock we were all pretty well mentally exhausted and all had big days on Saturday, we shut it down and went home….

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