Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring Family Fest

This Saturday, our church, along with 2 others in the area sponsored a Family Spring Fest with kid's bounce house, pop corn, hot dogs and all the usual kids stuff. One of the games gave out the Hey Kid's! tract about the Ten Commandments to everyone who participated - a few hundred given out!

FFM had our ‘Good Person’ booth set up and we were inundated with kids and parents who wanted tracts and Bibles. The kids all wanted the Million Dollar Bills and 10 Commandment coins.

There were many great conversations, over 500 tracts were absorbed by the kids and 20+ Bibles as well. Some wanted the Chinese Gospel of John because they wanted to learn to read Chinese and would go ‘on-line’ to figure it out.

One 13 yr old girl had a nice cross necklace. I asked what that meant to her and the reply was “I liked it and my dad bought it for me”. Again, I asked the meaning of the cross and she really did not know. I took her through 3 of the 10 commandments and she knew she was guilty. When I talked about her guilt and God sending her to Hell when she dies she was shocked. I then explained the Good News and the Cross. She said she would think about it.

A couple of points I used with the kids that seemed to get their attention:
At the end of the conversations, I said, “When you go to bed tonight, please think about this conversation, tell God you are a sinner since you did admit to lying and stealing and not honoring your parents all the time, tell Him you are sorry and want to change (repent) and you want to accept the payment that Jesus made for you on the Cross.”
I pray these kids all listened and spoke to God on Saturday night!!

Most of these kids are victims of the modern, watered down Gospel message. Those who said they were going to Heaven, said it was because they accepted Jesus into their heart. SAD! Most did not know, even in the basic concept, that Jesus paid the price for their sins.

What was interesting, since many attending were church goers, is that when the parents would come over to the table with their kids and I started giving them the 10 commandments, the parents would tell them to listen up! The parents also heard the True Gospel. I figured once I said they were headed to Hell without repentance and faith, the parents would take them away as usually happens in more secular environments.

I know they are young but once they were told that Jesus was the only perfect and sinless person and only He could make the payment for them, they did understand. Why isn’t the church telling them this???

One boy about 10, said that because he had broken some of the Commandments, God would have to send him to H – E – Double hockey sticks…. At least he understood the reality of his sins.

All in all a very great night telling all of these people of the wonderful news of the Gospel.

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