Friday, December 30, 2011

Shocking Story!!

I was waiting for my car to have some work done and was looking for that 'just right' opportunity to witness. I knew I had only to wait a few minutes – or I would make my own opportunity. Then there is was - a new customer came in who was really loud and he knew the guys at the counter. He was telling them how he had been shocked while at work with a couple hundred volts. Of course he already had a lawyer and they were going to sue all these people.

I let him go on a while and tolerated the foul language for a while - then I interrupted and said I was electrocuted thirty years earlier. That got his attention along with the four guys behind the counter, and I asked where he would have gone if he had died. I got the usual "I hope heaven". I said that I would not want to rely on hope but certainty. I explained he could know 100% and gave them million dollar bills. They must read the back of the tract and they would know if they were really going to Heaven. Then I said, “Please go to”

A little while later the “shocked” guy sat near me and said the MDB was good. He even gets daily scripture sent to his phone. I said that's great but just get daily Scripture sent to his phone will not get him to heaven when he dies. I gave him a “Second Greatest Lie” book. He read a few pages and then slid it behind his back and changed chairs. God’s word will not return void!

Stay tuned…

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