Wednesday, December 7, 2011

To Move Or Not To Move

An update from Steve and Dayna:

Saturday at the Flea market was a blessing.  Many tract were distributed, and an incredible number of conversations took place.  Our Spanish friends from Calvary Baptist (south) joined us and desire to expand their ministry into other churches as the Lord leads.  God put Stefan in my path and he just about broke my heart.  He knows the gospel, knows the penalty for not surrendering to Christ and yet still won't give up something,.  When I asked him what on this planet was worth gambling his eternal soul for, he honestly had no answer,  I reminded him several times he is playing Russian roulette with his eternal destiny to which he agrees.  Pray for Stefan that God will open his heart and ears and mind to receive the gift of Jesus Christ's salvation.  Then 2 couples stopped by, believers all, and prayed with us for God to bless the ministry.  Then Jerry shows up.  Jerry, a believer, wants to set  up a Good Person booth at the Frontenac Flea market.  Considering the number of workers showing up now at Eaugallie, God may be directing such a move: I've been there once to survey the facilities which are not bad for males.  Port o' Potties (kin to Pati and Jack somehow) just don't work well for the ladies.  Prayer please for the Lord's guidance here

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