Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Worth-while Call.

I had to get some things straightened around with address changes this week.  While doing this, I encountered a young man via telephone named Vernon.    After he finished getting me sorted out I had a ready made chance to talk to him about more important things...

"Is there anything else I can help you with today?"

"Yes, there is.  I have a question for you that is off-topic.  What will be your destination after you die?"

"Well,..I believe I will go to Heaven." Vernon said.

"Why is that?"  I asked.

"Well, I grew up in church.  My Mother is the Pastor and my Father is the head-Deacon.  And I try to live right...and Jesus died for me."

"You know Vernon, those are great things, but what about your sins so far?  I mean, you've lied, right?  Can you remember how many times?"

"Uh, no I mean I've told white lies but I'm not sure how many and..."

"OK, so when I lie to you that makes me a ...?"

"Liar."  He said quickly.

"And have you ever taken something that was not yours?  Because you know that would make you a thief, right?"

"Right, yes I have..."

"So, you are going to stand before Jesus one day and give an account of YOUR life to you really think He's going to say, "Oh, I know Vernon's Mom and Dad, so he's in!"?"

"Well, no." He said slowly.

"Vernon you would be sentenced to Hell forever, does that bother you?"

"Yes it does."

"OK, I'm sure that you know what Jesus did to save you?"

"Right, He died on the cross for my sins" he exclaimed.

We went to a courtroom and he agreed that it would be great if so came along and paid a fine for him if he were found guilty and could not pay it."

"You'd get your life back...see?  I said.  "But you don't get out for a great apology or good deeds!"

"You know, you've made some really good points.  Yeah, I get it!"  He said thoughtfully.

I told Vernon that God would require both REPENTENCE and the transferring of the trust he had in his own goodness to trusting in Jesus Christ and what He did on that cross for us!

"You've got to take care of that Vernon-YOU.  There is a very good chance at this moment of YOU ending up in Hell-in spite of the positions that your Mom and Dad hold.  I hope you will think about this and if you get a chance go to

"Yes, I'm writing it down now.  Thank you for talking to me!"

"Yes and thanks for your help."

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