Saturday, July 5, 2008

PIE July 1

Well, PIE Night looked like it was going to be a wet one so we took it downtown! Jeff didn’t stand still long! He saw a couple of guys walking and started trailing along; his topic was Eternity, of course.

After a bite to eat and some encouragement, Jeff and Dennis headed down the street, while Ann, Diana and I stopped three men who were headed into the restaurant. The one who wanted to talk was, of course the one who denied God. He refused to listen to the Law and we bid him farewell in short order.

As we made our way down the street we talked about how good God is and what He has done. We thanked Him for the opportunity to plant seeds! We left Million Dollar Bills in all of the doors and crumpled $20’s everywhere! His Word is alive and He is Faithful to honor it! A police officer drove up and asked if we had seen a man in a yellow poncho-we hadn’t.

We soon found Robert, a homeless man dressed in many layers of awful clothing. He had bracelets up and down both arms and a huge crucifix around his neck. His headphones were up so loud I couldn’t hear him talk. He insisted that “God is love!”. While we agreed with him we also pointed out the many other facets of God, which he refused to hear about. We left Robert in mid-sentence about one conspiracy or another…

Continuing down the other side of the street we thanked God for the time we got to spend on this night doing evangelism…and we noticed that the Police were setting up what appeared to be parameters around the area.

We came across a telemarketing company in full swing. Even though the doors were locked we were able to squeeze some “money” in between the doors. It was quickly picked up by the nearest employee.

Dennis and Jeff met up with a couple of men who were willing to talk. One had just been released from prison and he wanted to stay on the “right road”. He said that he had started reading the Bible in prison and it taught him a lot.

Meanwhile, as we walked we passed a fast moving man in a yellow poncho. A bell went off in our heads and we waved at the nearest Police car. They didn’t notice so we called 911. They went flying past us! An officer came around a few minutes later to tell us that they caught their suspect. Whew!

Hopefully more than one has been arrested by the Law on this night!!

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