Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sunday Fishing-Part 2

Walking down the next rows we continued to drop tracts. Diana took one row and I took another, we dropped hundreds! Walking down the row I noticed a man sitting in a van, watching me. I walked over and told him that I would not make him bend down to pick it up and I gave him a $1M bill. I told him it was a gospel tract and that there was a million dollar question on the back. He said, “Oh yeah, this is the part where we are supposed to talk, right?” I said, “Sir, you are big enough to squash me like a bug, so if you don’t want to talk-we are not going to talk!” He said, “No, go ahead.” I asked his name and he told me it was Don. He also told me he was on R and R from the Middle East. I asked him the million dollar question and he began to tell me what a good person and father he was. He told me he was a good husband, etc. I started taking him through the test and he said, “Yeah, yeah I know I’ve sinned.” I told him that we all had but I asked him to slow down and really take it in. He was agreeable that he had sinned but didn’t think that God would condemn him because “God was forgiving”. I explained that God was also Righteous and Holy and Don became quiet. When I told him what Jesus did-he announced the name of Jesus quickly before I did. I told him that it was good to know who Jesus was but not enough. I explained that demons have known Him a lot longer and a lot better than he did-they will not be in Heaven. At this point Don stopped talking and started listening carefully. I told Don that Jesus never offered Himself as a pardon for the demons but He did for Don. We continued to talk for a minute and when I was finished I asked Don what he would do with Jesus. “I would accept Him!!” I waited…and waited. Finally I said, “Don, what keeps you from making this decision today?” He hesitated for a moment as if coming out of a deep sleep and said, “I…nothing. Nothing keeps me from making this decision!” I said, “Why not pray then and take care of it now?” He stuck his large hand out of the window, took my hand and prayed! Diana had walked over toward us to pray when she saw me talking with him and she now came over to us. We were so happy we could have danced! Don got a phone call and we walked away happily. We were about 30’ away from him when he called us back. When we walked over he said, “I just want to say thank you for giving me the Word today! I needed a wake-up call!” Don’t we all, Don!

We were hot and tired and we needed water but we could not stop there so we walked over to Starbucks. Well, we got some water and sat inside near a young couple. He had on earphones and was doing some sort of work on his laptop and she was punching keys on hers. Diana played sinner while I played saint. The girl looked at the guy right after we started talking and he took off his headphones. They both listened intently during the entire conversation. We left these tracts all over when we finished.

Outside we met a man named Dominic. Diana gave him some money while I gave him some water. Concerned for his soul we began to talk with him. He told us that he has been a Christian for 20 years and adamantly said that without Jesus Christ he was, “Nothing!”. We talked a bit and he told us that his wife brings him out every day to sit there. We bid him goodbye and he blessed us.

We made our way to the front doors of Wal-Mart. Diana took the Entrance and I took the Exit. We handed out about 300 more tracts before security came for us again. When Derrick came out the door I asked him if he was the ‘muscle’. He smiled and said no but he refused the $1M bill we offered. We had now been run off for the second time that day but it was worth it!

Luk 14:23 And the lord said to the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges and compel them to come in, so that my house may be filled.

Fishing is always exciting because you never know what you might catch. I remember one time sitting under a bridge in south Texas with my Dad. We were fishing in a swampy lake and we thought the hook might be snagged. We pulled and pulled and thought we were bringing up some weeds and branches. Instead something very strong and dark came up to the surface and rolled over, snapping the hook off. We looked at each other and I think we were both glad it got away!

Not so on this day!!

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