Thursday, July 3, 2008

JW at 40,000 Feet

The trip started out in it’s normal fashion. I was handing out million dollar bills (The special July 4th edition) and Jennifer was dropping the crumpled bill booklets. We were also placing them in phone kiosks, giving to the TSA folks and leaving them in menus in the restaurant. At one point we sat in Outback near a walkway and tossed crumpled $20’s onto the path.
While boarding the plane, a passenger nearby said to the flight attendant she wished she had won the lottery – well there was the opening so I handed out some Million Dollar Bills-telling them to read the back for something better than the lottery. We took off as usual or that translates to almost an hour late. It was a 5 hour flight so a lot of reading and waiting. I have to admit I was not going out of my way to witness to anyone. God changed that plan...
I went up front to use the bathroom but saw one of the 2 flight attendants, Linda, standing there so I gave her a MDB. Before I returned to my seat we had a lengthy conversation and found out that she is truly a sister in the Lord. She told me about her lengthy trials in trying to find a good church and now attends a great one in Woodland Hills, CA.
I had told her I was a Messianic Jew which seemed to spark an idea of some sort but I did not know why until a few minutes later. As I started to leave, the male FA passed me on his way to the front and I was called back by Linda, who then asked me to give him one of the MDB’s and tell him I am Jewish by birth. Then the conversations began. He said that a friend of his is Jewish, (I always find that funny- many people will tell me this after they know I am Jewish) and that his friend believes that he is one of ones chosen by God and will go to heaven by virtue of that fact. He asked me what I thought and I told him that I agree and disagree. I agree that as a Jew he (actually the Jewish people) are the chosen ones by God, however that will NOT get him to heaven. Only confession of his sins, repentance and accepting that Jesus Christ died for those sins will keep him from going to Hell. It is not just a matter of believing in Jesus but letting Jesus control your life and obeying Him. The FA said he agreed with me.

My point is that I jumped to the conclusion that this guy is a believer. Was I ever wrong!!

I then returned to my seat. He called me back up to talk to him. It was then I discovered that he was a Jehovah’s Witness and not a true follower of Jesus Christ. The battles started about the Trinity and I realized (having just completed a course on cults plus knowing that Law and Grace are what matter) I had to get him off that subject. When I used the Law on him, I was amazed that he admitted he was a sinner, confessed, repented and was baptized in the name of Jesus. I told him we believe in different Jesus. My Jesus is the one in the Bible and part of the Trinity. My Jesus is the Son of God and He is God, not a created being. The other FA listened in. Later I found out she had been trying to witness to him and did not know how.
He quoted scripture left, right and center. He knew the Christian speak. It was amazing and frightening at the same time. I then realized that if we are not well grounded in our belief of the One and only true God, the great I AM, it would be quite easy to become entangled and re-directed to a path leading to Hell.
The pilot wanted to come out of the flight deck so I had to sit down. I thought it was over.
After the pilot returned, the FA called me up to continue the discussion. Again I went straight the Law. And he would not listen and continued to interrupt quoting the usual scripture of the JW to refute Hell, the Trinity, Heaven and Death. He readily admitted that he was not one of the 144,000 going to heaven and his heaven was an earthly heaven as promised in scripture. Wow – I felt like I was taking a final exam on JW doctrine. I refuted his points with scripture and then the Holy Spirit said – “Law to the Proud, Grace to the humble” meaning – you are finished with this guy – wind it up and sit down.
I finally was able to interrupt again and say – Look – what if you are wrong and I am right – Please think about what I am telling you. Get a different translation of the Bible than your NWT (of course his reply that it was the only true translation) and think about this. I gave him a Good Person booklet and the Save Yourself Some Pain booklet. Told him the read these and that night before going to sleep, ask the One and only true God to open your eyes and heart to His Truth.
When departing the plane, he grabbed my hand and shook it hard. He said he enjoyed the conversation. Funny how I did not intend for him to enjoy the conversation but maybe his eyes will be opened.

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