Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fourth of July Beach Day

Diana just wanted someone to go out evangelizing with!! She asked me and pretty soon…here came Dennis, Rose and Allyson! It was a beautiful day and we started dropping crumpled bill booklets right away. No sooner than the lure hit the water…..the fish grabbed the bait!

Since Allyson wasn’t into pizza we all decided that she and Rose should go over to Wendy’s, grab a burger and park themselves next to a group of people, if possible. While Allyson ate, Rose could talk to her (loudly) about God’s Law and what it meant to us today! As it turned out there was indeed a large group of girls in their early 20’s who provided a ready audience for the Law & Grace presentation!

Rose found a couple of young men who turned out to be Christians and they had a good discussion.

Allyson found a couple of surfers, one of whom wasn’t sure where he was headed.… She gave them the low down on what to expect by way of eternal destination. At the same time she was talking to them many others were listening.

Diana and I had a great conversation with Ashley and her friend. They thought they were fine until Diana presented the Good Person test. At one point Ashley wiped away a tear. We left reading material and bid them adieu.

We had some great conversations and a beautiful day. We also met several Spanish speaking groups. We handed them our Million Dollar Bills in the special 4th of July Edition along with a Spanish version of Are You a Good Person? They loved them and thanked us for stopping.

On the way across the boardwalk we met John, Frank and Alex. We had a great chat with them and when we left they were all thinking deeply with a promise to get things settled.

We met Dennis at the prescribed place and he had some ice-cold bottled water for us! It was great…and then we saw two men come up and sit down not far from us. Howie and Herbie were willing to talk-so we did! We had a nice conversation with a clear presentation of God’s viewpoint.

We ended our day at the beach with dropping more crumpled bill booklets on the way back to the truck. What a great day!!!

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