Sunday, July 20, 2008

Witnessing in Stuttgart and Paris

On a recent business trip to Germany and France, I was able to visit City Chapel in Stuttgart and Calvary Chapel Paris.

In Stuttgart I was blessed with a guest speaker from Calvary Chapel Jerusalem and Pastor Bradley Antolovich. The blessing was that his message was excellent about their work with the Jewish people and believers plus it was in English.
After service, I met with Rahel, the Evangelism Team Leader and some of her co-workers in Christ.

During lunch I was able to go into detail of the Way of the Master Basic Training Course. This details how to seek and save the lost the way Jesus did. The group was amazed that in a short period of time, you can share your faith, explain and show how the person has sinned as evidenced by the Law, Judgment and Grace and salvation through Jesus Christ.

After a few hours I asked why none had felt led to talk to the waitress. At which point, they said to me “show us how!”
I called the waitress over and asked (fortunately spoke English very well) “If Hell were a real place, would you want to be warned?”
She said yes and I went on to explain how she had sinned because she had told many lies, was a thief and had blasphemed. I explained about judgment if those things had occurred in an earthly court of law but how someone could come in and pay her fine if she would accept this free gift. I explained that person is Jesus Christ and the gift is free but she needed to accept it. All this happened in around 3 minutes.
The team from City Chapel was amazed that the Holy Spirit had worked on this girl and that they would follow up. The team is considering how to arrange the time for a WOTM training course.
After this, I went to the train station but I don't think I spoke to the person who was taken away.

In Paris I met with Pastor Dente. They are undergoing some new building changes and in a bit of turmoil at this time. However, I was able to show him and one of the elders about the Basic Training Course. They are praying about it and are looking for maybe an autumn class. The interesting news is that the building they are trying to rent is Jews for Jesus. I asked about a combined class. How wonderful would that be??

Keep praying for these opportunities.

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