Saturday, August 22, 2009

Big Bill brings gnarly waves!

Hurricane Bill is going up the Eastern Atlantic and creating what the surfers dream of: Gnarly Waves.

While in California a few years, I heard the expression before so I was not clueless but . . .

Anyway – it did bring out the surfers and spectators to watch. I was blessed to speak to several people today and reject by others – Praise God for that!

The guy in the photo did not want to give me his name. We spoke for a few minutes. He said he grew up in a 'Christianity environment' (whatever that means) and said when we die we ‘dissipate’ . Our energy just goes back to somewhere. He believes in God and no real Heaven or real Hell because God would not send people to burn in fire and brimstone forever. He decided to pick and choose his Bible verses a while ago and likes his way better. Well we went through the Law, etc. and he was not really convicted but curious. I explained what would happen in a court if he was guilty and someone else paid his fine, and while he thought that was a good idea to be ‘redeemed’ by someone else, he did not want to agree that Jesus paid his sin debt. (I don’t record on the beach due to wind noise). He then left to watch the waves.

Then I spoke to a few folks who were truly born again and there it is rare sight these days. Gave out several MDB’s and prayed for the others.

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