Sunday, August 30, 2009

the Trail. . . .

Jen and I went to Bloomington, IL to visit her family. We were able to go out “the Trail” which goes for several miles thought Bloomington-Normal. Jen’s father's class has a ministry to take bottled water and witness to the runners, bicyclists and dog-walkers - Sowers Class

There were 8 of us in our location and another group a mile or so away. Most folks would not slow down but a few did and we were able to give out a case of water and several tracts. Overall, most were polite but focused on their exercise.

While Jen was speaking to a guy, she pointed to across the street where a few guys were discussing something outside at an apartment complex. It was not the kind of place I wanted to go to but the Lord had other ideas so I went. The result was pretty good. While a few of the folks did not want to listen, one fellow did and really was interested in what was said and how he could get to heaven. I left and felt I had accomplished what He has commanded us to do by presenting the Gospel.

Next was a more interesting event. A girl jogged by then stopped. She took a million dollar bill, acted very prideful and said she was a “Christian” but let’s just say her light was not shining. She left and within a minute returned to get more MDB’s to give to her family who at first she said were Muslim, then said they don’t believe in anything Muslim, etc…. This all went a bit nuts when I tried to give her a DVD about a converted Muslim which is entitled “Who is God”. Every time I started to speak she interrupted with an incredibly arrogant comment. She said that she was informed directly by “Him” and pointed up to the sky and she speaks for “Him”. One of the other guys with us (The church’s Pastor’s son) sure saw what it was like to witness or try to witness to a proud arrogant, false convert. If I had to try to fit her into a religion I would say she is a demonically possessed, false convert, former Muslim, Universalist, New Ager. Each time I would try to say something she accused me of patronizing her even though I got about 3 words out of my mouth, or she already knows what I am going to say – however it was her eyes that gave her away as she had an evil penetrating stare. Her point was that her family are Muslim and as she said, but they do not even believe in Allah or Mohammed. She said I don’t know them so I can’t witness to them. Also she said I can’t because I would have to approach them on their level which made no sense as I will witness to anyone, regardless of their religious claims. Unfortunately, there is no way that her family will see the fruit of a true Christian through this girl. Think about the influence she could have if only she were truly born again.

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