Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A little fish with my salmon...

We love Thai food and we have a great little place to go. Yesterday I noticed a new waitress. Now Dennis has issued a warning to me to wait until after we get our food to speak with the wait person. sigh...

I don't know about you all but I feel like the dog locked in the laundry room all day when I see an opportunity to fish! So I waited...and waited... Finally she came with the food. We were out with our pastor and right in middle of a discussion on HELL when she brought my salmon. I asked her name, to which she answered Veronica. I asked what she thought would happen when we died. She told me that she believed in reincarnation since she was Thai and Buddhist along with her Mom. I told her what scripture says about our lives (Hebrews 9:27)and asked her if she'd ever read the Bible. She told us that she never had but her Dad was a Baptist and when she saw him he was always trying to get her to listen (go Dad!). She told us that when she was little she would go to the Temple with her Mom and when she was with her Dad she would go to the Baptist church. She explained that she believed in doing good.

I asked Veronica if she thought she was good. She said she tried to be. After going thru a couple of the 10 Commandments I noticed a change in her attitude. A young couple had walked in the door and even though someone else could have helped them, Veronica exited the discussion. She never came back to the table. When we were finished we left a great tip and a Good Person booklet. I hope and pray that she will take the time to read it and realize our good is not good enough.

Wouldn't it be something to stand before the Lord and say with all honesty, "I told everyone you put in my path!" ?

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