Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Law brings conviction to a Christian lesbian.

Looking up the street I saw 2 teenaged girls and a teen guy near the trash can. I remembered that a few minutes earlier they had passed Dayna and I as we were speaking to someone.

"Let's go up and see if they'll talk to us!" I said. We hurried to catch up to them.

"Hey, how are you guys? Did you get one of these?" We asked. They took the tracts and looked a bit bored. "Where are you going when you die?"

They started reading as the guy, Austin started made faces and poked fun at the subject.

I talked to the girls and they were pretty open. One of the girls claimed to be a Christian but didn't know how to get to Heaven. Austin continued to be obnoxious. Then he took a phone call. As he did another girl joined the group.

"Austin this is way more important than that call." I told him.

"No, it's not." he said. Dayna confirmed that this would be the most important thing he ever heard.

The girls and I continued to talk but before we could present the good news, Austin grabbed them and began dragging them away.

"Hey! I'm not finished yet." I yelled.

A bit frustrated, Dayna and I stopped and prayed for them. We walked back toward the booth as it was getting darker.

About an hour later they stood in front of me. The one who claimed to be a Christian was missing but in her place was the girl who had just walked up before they were swept away. I noticed that the two girls were holding hands. Austin was physically pushing her at me. I looked at him and asked, "What do you need? I thought you didn't want to talk to us?"

Austin was quiet but looked at her as she said, "I want to know how to get to Heaven." You know, I heard a pastor talk one time about how evangelists used to just preach the Law for weeks without giving the Good News of Christ. He said that after several weeks people would come unbidden down the aisles begging to be saved. The Holy Spirit had been convicting this girl.

She introduced herself as Ricki and we began to talk. As we went through the Law Ricki was honest and then saw herself as guilty before God. "But I'm saved." she said very quietly.

I gave her the Good News of Jesus's payment for her. I told her that God was looking for her to repent-leave her sin behind-and put all of her trust in Jesus Christ.

She was very quiet and said nothing. Austin said, "Tell her."

"Tell me what?" I said. I refused to take the bait.

Austin said, "Will she go to Hell because she's a lesbian?"

"Ricki you don't go to Hell because you are a lesbian-you go to Hell for sinning against God and refusing to bow your knee to Him."

"But I'm saved." she said again.

"Look, are you willing to repent-or turn away from your sin Ricki?" I asked.

"No." Ricki said.

"Would you trade your soul for this?" I clarified.

"Yes, I would." she said.

"You are not saved Ricki. I am not trying to be harsh, but I don't want you to go through your life believing a lie! Just because you said a little prayer doesn't mean you got your 'get out of Hell free' card! If you continue to go the way you are going you will one day wake up in Hell!"

The girl she was holding hands with continued to text with one hand as she had during the conversation. Austin and Ricki just stood still.

I gave them a Good Person tract. "Ricki, you are not ready for this. I hope and pray one day you will be, before your soul is lost for good. Have a good evening." I walked away, leaving them standing in the street.

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