Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Steve's day.

28 Sep 2009-We got this note from Steve this morning and just had to post it...

I must share my latest example of God’s goodness and rich blessing.

Yesterday, while reading scripture during a service, I heard distinctly the phrase “I don’t believe that.” Troubling? Absolutely, especially when I know better! I spent the rest of the day in a funk. The only activity that made the day worthwhile was reading aloud “More Than a Carpenter” by Josh McDowell. The funk continued through Monday morning, but our amazing God answers prayer and eases pain in the most unexpected ways.

First, I went shopping for a few things. While admiring some computer stuff, a voice from over my shoulder said hello. I have not seen Carl for 15+ years, but he was God‘s first assurance that all is well. I was able to provide a brief testimony, put a tract in his hand, and acquire an email address for future use.

Second, I encountered Delbe one-on-one in the hallway. I have been thinking and praying about talking to him since the basic WOTM course last January. God’s second assurance arrives just when He planned. We chatted for a few minutes, and Delbe cursed using His name 3 times in short order. On the third instance, I asked him (I think/hope with a smile) not to take my God’s name in vain. I was then able to put a tract in his hand, tell him his wife would really love to see it (she has been trying for years to get Delbe to church) and that he should really pay attention to the inscription on the back. Pray for Delbe whom I have known for too many years without sharing Jesus before now.

Third, I met with a young man who arrived at the Cocoa Village Park with his family. I asked him if he had seen one of our Million Dollar tracts and he had not. He actually read the entire thing while I stood there and then the debate began. Initially, he stated he was not worried about Hell because there were so many religions and there was no way to know which one was correct. He pointed out that he did not want to discuss religion and I said I did not want to discuss religion either, rather Jesus Christ. He gave a limp excuse about Jesus being a religion, but I pointed out that religions have at least 2 things in common: ritual behaviors and poorly disguised attempts to bring God to man’s level.

I was then able to share the Gospel with him. He tried a couple of times to bring Buddha and Isalam into the discussion and the Holy Spirit came out with those men, while perhaps enlightened, are dead and in the ground and never claimed to be God. Jesus on the other hand is alive as documented in the Bible and proclaimed himself to be God. I think that reasoning got his attention.

A couple things could have been better. During the discussion I mentioned how God became a man whom we call Jesus so that he was the perfect sacrifice to erase the sin-debt between us and God. I also mentioned sometime that Jesus was God. He thought I contradicted myself and I did not have a chance to describe the Trinity – perhaps a topic for a saved person????

He also asked if a lifelong murderer and rapist could be forgiven of their sins if they repented before dying. I told him that God would indeed forgive anyone who honestly repents, just as Jesus did the thief on the cross. His opinion was vulgar. But I was able to ask him if there was anyone on earth that he would be willing to sacrifice his child for if it would save that other person. He could not. So I was able to demonstrate God’s amazing love because He sent Jesus to die for our sins: full description of the shame, guilt, and worthlessness of all people who ever lived carried by Christ on the cross, culminating with Jesus giving up His spirit willfully. Once again, he appeared fully engaged.

We parted without him changing his mind, but that’s okay. My gift is to be a planter of seeds. Please pray that the waterer will come to this young man and his wife soon.

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