Sunday, September 27, 2009

Off to Oslo

On my latest business trip which was to Denmark and Norway, God gave me a few opportunities just on the first part of the journey.

I tried to talk to the Hollander next to me.. While he was interesting and passionate about his job as a pastry chef in Dusseldorf, (apparently even though he lives in Netherlands he is an hour from Dusseldorf). He looked at the R U a Good Person booklet I had slipped into the airline magazine, but quickly put it back. I did give him a million Euro note which he took and said he would read.

Yes the flight attendant got a MDB as well.

In Atlanta I went to a restaurant and Tenisha was my server. Unlike my usual manner I gave a MDB right away. Usually I wait to get my food just in case they get mad.

She stopped and talked for a few minutes after I asked he where she will go after she died. She said her spirit would go somewhere but not sure where. I explained that God makes it clear she would spent eternity in heaven or hell. She asked if hell and heaven were real physical places to which I replied yes.

She asked me how I knew. I asked her if she read the Bible and she does- Proverbs and Psalms mostly. I asked her if she thought that either were real places and she admitted they were but wanted my opinion.

She went off to other tables and returned with my check. She said she really is interested in the relationship idea with God and not religion. I agreed, however before she can have that relationship she must be right with God- repentance and Faith was explained.

I left her with a "Why Christianity" book and a lot to think about.

More to follow on the rest of the trip....

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